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Printed Background Paper



Savage's new continuous rolls of printed background paper are printed with state-of-the-art high definition printers, producing unique, realistic backgrounds that photograph beautifully. Offered in a variety of designs, from wood, brick, bokeh and more, Savage Printed Background Paper brings versatility, elegance and fun to your studio sessions, celebrations, photo booths and more.

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Size: 1.35 x 5.50m
T 120450 Worn Planks
T 120451 Whitewash
T 120452 Gray Pine
T 120453 Pale Washed Wood
T 120454 Vintage Floral
T 120455 Weathered Brick
T 120456 White Brick
T 120457 Red Brick
T 120458 Grunge Brick
T 120459 Floating Hearts
T 120460 Rosy Polka Dots
T120461 Aqua Polka Dots
T 120462 Rainbow Sprinkle
T 120463 Party Banners
T 120464 Red & White Chevron
T 120465 Gray & White Chevron
T 120466 Deep Blue Haze
T 120467 Winter Frost
T 120468 Ivory Glow
T 120469 Celebration Lights
T 120470 Love Burst
T 120471 Gray Floral
T 120472 Congratulations
T 120473 Romantic Script














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